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About Us


Complete Computers has been providing computer repair and servicing in Weston super Mare since 2010. It closed as a repair business in 2018 and is now under new management in 2020 as Complete Computers Ltd. 

We acquired the lease end-June 2020 and moved in at the beginning of August to do a deep clean and major repairs to the shop. We have been in operation since mid August.

The principal business of the company is to provide turnkey computer systems for home and office users, but our portfolio of other businesses includes a WiFi cafe and online shop, a community art gallery and a sales space for holistic therapies and complementary products and services. 

We have worked previously for public sector bodies, including NHS UK and North Somerset Council and with private companies in IT/ telecoms, such as Mercury Communications, BT and Cable & Wireless.

This has enabled us to redirect a great deal of useful experience at the sharp end to help provide low cost solutions to business users’ everyday IT needs.

We are turning our experience in high end IT systems to provide services in the retail space with a vision to rejuvenate the shopping, fashion and dining experience on the high street for local and regional customers.

Art/Work Space

We have a gallery with several wall spaces where artists can display up to ten works at a time for 30 days. Artists generally mount an exhibition with another artist and we can provide you with a contact or you are very welcome to team up with a colleague.

In the future, we plan to invite other artists who would like tuition or specific guidance in a certain area if they are interested.


We have a reservation system and theser are the terms of service are for exhibitions. If you would like us to assist you, you can call 01934 642227


WiFi cafe and shop

Please come and visit us in our WiFi cafe and computer shop. Everything we sell, we also use in the shop.There are pay as you go computers  with superfast broadband for browsing, gaming, out of office work, video and voice chat. You can come in and use the WiFi if you have your own device for a small charge. You can also print, copy and scan in colour or black and white. If you are away from your desk or out of the office, please call and visit us. We have a daily change of menu with locally sourced food and drink in the cafe and shop.


WiFi Cafe

Fast WiFi broadband 



Computers and devices



Remote support for customers



 Telephone systems 


Contact Us

Would you like additional information about our products and other related services? Contact us, we’d be happy to hear from you.

41 Orchard Street
Weston super Mare
North Somerset
BS23 1RH

01934 642227


01934 642227

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